Dear Baby: 61st natural letter for my baby


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Happy Birthday!
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T H E  61st L E T T E R

July 28, 2010 @1:25a.m.

Dear Baby,

Belated happy birthday, baby! You’re now 1 yr and 4 months! Yehey! It’s also the first time you celebrated your month birthday that Mommy and Daddy forgot to greet you! Oh no. So sorry for that. Although we don’t usually celebrate your month birthday after your first birthday, we don’t forget really to greet you! But. maybe, Mommy’s too preoccupied lately. Daddy was the one who told me that I should not scold you yesterday morning because it’s your birthday. I cried.

Mommy has been stressed out lately. I wrote you in my previous letter that we have a new nanny. After three days, she’s gone. Too bad. Mommy told her to have a day off after three days, and she didn’t come home. It’s her loss; not ours.

For the past three days, Mommy was talking with a new maid. We were about to meet her later today. But at 1a.m., she just texted me that she won’t come. Ahh, we don’t have luck in maids. Don’t worry, baby. God will give us the right person.

This is all for now, baby. Mommy has to wash your bottles. I’ll write you again soon.



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