Dear Baby: 64th natural letter for my baby


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not my baby’s picture;  just an image via Wikipedia. i love the baby’s eyes here!

T H E   64th  L E T T E R

August 3, 2010 @ 2:27a.m.

Dear Baby,

Howdy, baby! You slept at 10p.m. already, but, was awaken by Daddy or Mommy at 12midnight. Glad you’re back to sleeping at 2a.m.!

This morning, you really surprised Mommy when you ate alone – you ate the oatmeal I made for you. After eating, (there was a small portion left on your plate), you gave the plate to Mommy. I sensed that you were about to put the plate in our kitchen? haha. At lunchtime, you did the same. You put the two plates on top of the other after eating. Wow. I can really depend on you. Thank you for being so independent.

Last night, we attended a birthday party. There we saw MsG. Ahh. Again she said those words – that you’re thin – compared of course to her baby. No worries. You will soon be on track. Keep up the good work, baby! Eat well.

Glad your monster nails are now gone. Daddy was able to cut your fingernails last night. At the party, I was disturbed by your long fingernails. And oh, speaking of fingernails, you love to scratch Mommy on my legs and arms to catch my attention. Haha. And speaking of catching attention, you prick our eyes with your finger to wake us up. Waaah. That’s bad, baby. I know you don’t know that word yet. :)

This is all for now.



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