Dear Baby: 65th natural letter for my baby


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T H E   65th  L E T T E R

August 5, 2010 @ 11:28a.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello, baby! You’re sleeping at this time. You woke up so early this morning to think that you slept at 1a.m. already. We just came from a meeting at the Church. You ate well there – spaghetti, and chicken. People loved looking at you while you were eating last night. Such a cutie, you are.

Last night, we also fetched our new maid. Amazing, really, that you liked her at once. She carried you while we were at the agency, and you didn’t cry. You also didn’t cry when she got you from me at the car. You also fell asleep in her arms, on our way home. When we reached our home, you showed your tactics with her. You danced, you clapped, and really played with her. Your yaya was washing the dishes, and you were watching her near the door. You’re getting along so fast with her, that’s the plus factor of your new yaya.

In the morning, you wowed us when you said “hi” to your yaya while waving your hand. You also said the word “yaya” for two times this morning.

When Daddy was about to leave for office, you didn’t go towards the door to kiss him because you were playing with your yaya. When Daddy called you, you just said “yah”, and to our amazement! Haha. Slang…I just taught you about how to say it the other day, and here you are now, saying it to us. Daddy said that you don’t want to walk with Daddy towards the door because of your yaya.  We kept on calling you. Then, suddenly, we saw you coming towards the living room, and let Daddy kissed you on your forehead.

Your yaya said that it’s as if you act like a grown-up already. You’re also witty, she said.

People may regard you as smallish, just like what the people at the agency said about you when they asked me about how many months you are now. I said a year old. Small, they said. I said back “adi” – normal. But they don’t know how smart you are! Smartness cannot be seen in the eyes at once, but, it definitely lasts longer than having physical height. What would we do with our strength if we don’t have the brains? Well, Mommy is just talking with myself right now, baby. BUT, baby, you should really eat, ha?

Now that we have a new yaya (she’s on trial with us for 3 days), Mommy can now concentrate on my tasks at work. I also need not worry because when Mommy’s busy, yaya could take turns with me in teaching you – although, of course, it would be Mommy who will be your fulltime homeschool teacher.

This is all for now.



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