Dear Baby: 66th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  66th L E T T E R

August 6, 2010 @10:23 p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello, baby! Glad you’re asleep now. This morning, you didn’t sleep! You slept at 2p.m. instead. You were also busily mimicking our moves. You saw your yaya (nanny) wiping the glass door, and you did the same! How’s that for a 15-month old baby? And you did the wiping like a PRO. Mommy’s so proud of you.

Today, you ate a lot. WOW. Awesome, really. You love to eat macaroni. You also ate rice with soup (beef). I asked your yaya to prepare boiling water from the rice, and this will be the water to be used in preparing your milk. Some people say that you’d really gain weight with it.

You saw Mommy on the weighing scale. You also weighed yourself. You stepped on the weighing scale, and looked down to “see” your weight. Haha. Uh-oh. You gained a kilo from the last time we checked your weight – ahh, two months. Oh no. But I think you did increase in height. PB. I hope you’d really continue gaining more kilos in the next months.

I saw that you already kissed your yaya in her pants. Hmmm. You must be liking her a lot, too, for you to do that. You only do that to Mommy and Daddy. Am I feeling jealous here? Haha.

I am a little bit worried of the shape of your legs. Ahh, is it because you didn’t allow Mommy to massage you from two months old and until you reached your 1st year of age? It’s only recently that you’re allowing Mommy to massage your legs, but, only for a few seconds. I hope that as you learn to walk well, your legs would straighten up.

This is all for now. Sleep well, baby.



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