Dear Baby: 67th natural letter for my baby


Alphabet Blocks
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T H E  67th L E T T E R

August 8, 2010 @ 3:16p.m.

Dear Baby,

You’re talking with Daddy right now. Actually, you got the phone from Mommy as I was speaking with Daddy. You’d cry when I’d get back the phone from you.

Daddy’s a bit down today. He’s having a hard time in getting his driving license. The Ministry was telling the messenger to bring back the certificate to the Embassy for authentication, when it was already authenticated. Money. Money. Anyway, glad that you’re cheering up Daddy.

Yesterday, you really caught us by surprise, baby. I burst into tears when you learned how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet. WOW. Congratulations.

You also learned a new word last night – see? Yes, with that correct intonation of saying it – SEE? Hehe. You’re really impressive, baby! You’re always making us proud of you.

This is all for now.



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