Dear Baby: 69th natural letter for my baby


T H E  69th  L E T T E R

August 15, 2010 @ 3:16p.m.

Dear Baby,

Howdy! It’s been quite awhile since I last wrote you a letter! Mommy has been very busy thinking and planning about international travel.

I’d like to congratulate you for not crying anymore when taking a bath. It’s been three days perhaps now that we don’t bath you at the lavatory. We’re back to using your big basin. Yesterday, you really surprised Mommy when you just went straight to your basin, with clothes and diaper on, and seated right there on the basin. You’d cry if bathing is already done; you’d still love to play with water.

Last Friday, we went to the beach. We brought your beach toys, and made mountains with sand. You were helping Mommy build the sandy mountain. A couple, with a baby, too, was watching you with envy because you were busily playing at the shore. You weren’t afraid of the seawater anymore. There was a time, too, when you gulped a few drops of seawater and you said, “namnam”, or yummy! Haha.

Thank God you’re eating well. You love to eat pasta, and not rice. :)

I think the weighing scale is acting up. I weighed you the other night, and it seemed you lost some weight? Oh no. You have to eat well, baby. You also have to sleep well. It’s been quite sometime now, maybe less than two weeks, that you don’t sleep (2x a day). All that you wanted to do is play. Daddy said that you deal with us (daddy, mommy, and yaya) fairly. You love to roam around the house (and get in touch with everyone) one at a time. 😀

A few days ago, you said the word, “shoe”, for shoes. WOW.

Your yaya teaches you everyday — that’s good we’ve got someone like her who can teach you when Mommy’s busy.

This is all for now.



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