Dear Baby: 70th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  70th L E T T E R

August 21, 2010 @ 8:50p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello, baby! Howdy! You just slept an hour ago. You didn’t sleep in the afternoon. At dinner time, you just ate one small piece of chicken! Uh-oh. You must be very full from what you ate at lunch. You ate creamy macaroni, a different recipe from what you ate for the past two weeks.

Mommy kept on researching new toddler recipes for you. It was our fault that we just served you macaroni (soup) for the past two weeks. It’s because you also don’t want to eat any other food. But you always drink your Pediasure milk for three times a day. I checked your teeth and there are new teeth coming out. It must be the reason why you aren’t keen on eating a lot lately. Glad that we have a new yaya to experiment the toddler recipes I printed for the past two nights. At meal times and sleeping times, though, it’s still Mommy who takes good care of you. Mommy drops everything she does just to see that you are eating, and that you’re sleeping at least twice a day. But hmm, lately, your sleeping pattern has changed. Baby, you need to sleep well. It’s for your own good.

A few days from now, over 10 days, we’ll be on international travel as a family. We don’t have a nanny yet as soon as we reach the Philippines. We do hope that we’d get someone who can be trusted when Mommy and Daddy leaves for some important stuffs in our provinces. I am sure that Mama and Papa will look after you while we’re away. It would be hard on my part to leave you even for just two weeks because even here at home, you’d cry knocking at the door while Mommy’s at the bathroom. 😀 It’s separation anxiety, my baby, and Mommy is experiencing that, too.

It’s amazing how you know how to ask us to place our two hands in our faces, and you mimicked it, too. You first asked Daddy to put his hands on his face, and then you asked Mommy to do the same. When we were done, you placed your hands on your face (on both sides). Then you asked Daddy to remove his hands, and Mommy’s hands, too. You also did the same. And then, you asked us again to put our hands in our face, and removed them again. There was rhythm in what we did, and you never were confused doing it.

At16 months (uh-oh! I am shocked to know that you’ll soon be 17 months, I thought you’re just 15month-old!), you know a lot of trick already. You also watch movies intently, and you seem to understand what the characters are saying. Whenever you see Mommy holding the remote control, you’d chant “Edi, Edi, Edi”, (meaning, “Alvin, Alvin, Alvin”). You love to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks a lot.

This morning, you started drinking rice powder with milk to gain weight, as your yaya said. I do hope that you’d gain weight, baby. PLEASE.

This is all for now.



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