Dear Baby: 73rd natural letter for my baby


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T H E 73rd L E T T E R

Sept. 30, 2010 @ 10:27a.m.

Dear Baby,

Wow! It’s been ages since Mommy last wrote you a natural letter! We just came back from a 3-week tour in Southeast Asia! How’s that for an 18th month old baby? It was tiring, yeah, but fulfilling, too. Daddy and Mommy saw how your eyes flashes their glow when we came across playgrounds! And these playgrounds don’t suit your age yet. We only found out that they’re suitable for two years and up only after you’re done playing. Oh boy, how you loved to play at the slide to Mommy’s utmost anxiety! You loved to climb the stairs and then presto leaned your body on the ladder and whoop, slid on it! Jesus Christ.

I wish I could post some of your pics here but unfortunately your laptop has no battery; we left the charger back home. Daddy and Mommy will buy a new laptop charger later tonight.

How are you at 18 months? You celebrated your 18th month birthday in Bangkok! Wow. We were at the exciting boat ride in BKK that time. Oh boy, look at you, my baby! Well-traveled, indeed, from planes to buses, to trains, to taxis, to boat ride! WOW. Lucky you, my baby! Lucky we are, too, for having a genius baby like you.

I’ve been meaning to write you letters during our three-week tour in Southeast Asia, but, it was difficult to just do so. Our hotels then got free WIFI access but your laptop got no battery. Mommy was able to access free WIFI in Daddy’s mobile phone, but, only to update Facebook or check emails. Anyway, now we’re back to not-so-normal life here. Uh-oh, don’t worry. Mommy has to spare you from this feeling. Daddy, too. After the tour, we’re planning to settle elsewhere. God knows when would that be, and where, too. We hope it would be the soonest soon.

Before you turned 18 months, there were some additional words you were talking – oh boy, honey, oh cute, hoy to catch someone’s attention in the plane. This morning, I heard you say “oh, God”. hehe.

Yesterday, you really caught Mommy by surprise when you got the weighing scale, carried it with your little hands, and weighed yourself! Haha. You also surprised me when you got the exerciser and twisted your  body. Cutee!

One thing we realized from the travel, it’s so hard to bring you along in long flights. No. Actually in country-hopping. We’re very sorry, baby, that we dragged you into this. You just couldn’t eat and sleep well because you were very tired to do so. When we reached Kuwait, you slept for two times during the day and slept again at  6 in the evening, and later at 9p.m. Maybe we’ll travel (country-hopping again to four different countries) when you’re big enough in terms of weight and height. While I don’t want to pressure you about it because I want you not to be bothered with labels! I want you to grow up with full and high self-esteem.

This is all for now. Mommy needs to do a lot of catching up with her other roles, too.



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