Dear Baby: 74th natural letter for my baby


I love daddy's shoes!
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T H E  74th  L E T T E R

Oct. 5, 2010 @ 8:40p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello, my beautiful baby. Mommy’s so sorry you got sick! I suppose it’s because of stress from our hectic tour in Southeast Asia last week. When we reached our place (our home overseas), you were still very active. But after two days, you had your first bout of diarrhea. We went to the doctor last Saturday. He gave you medicines, but you were not taking them. You vomited when those medicines were administered to you. We changed your baby doctor, and, he gave you a new set of medicine. You are still sick. This time, your stool is not watery anymore as compared to your previous stools, but you pooped three times today, with mucus on it. Your nose is really blocked. Ahh, Mommy could only cry. I wish I am the one who is sick, instead of you. I couldn’t bear to see you crying every time you can’t breath. I couldn’t bear to hold my anxiety when your eyes are watery because of too much mucus on your nose. I also couldn’t bear to see you not eating. Sigh. But God is a merciful God. He will heal you ASAP!

What happened to you was a hard lesson for Daddy and Mommy. We should have spared you from that hectic travel around four different countries in 3 weeks – 1 week for three countries. That was really a bad decision. WE ARE SO SORRY, baby. Although we saw how happy you were when you played at the mall’s playground in Singapore, everything that happened there was entirely forgotten because of what happened to you after that tour. We aren’t sure though if it’s because of the travel, but, I guess it is really due to the travel – your immune system has gotten so low that your body wasn’t able to fight the stress from place-hopping in the different countries.

While you’re sleeping, Mommy managed to make you your study area. You loved it! Even though you were sick, you sat on your chair and dribbled some cursive writing on your paper. I took some photos! After Mommy was done preparing your study area, I also made a new working corner inside our room. And oh, how cute you were you when you stepped in our bed and found the simplest way to turn on and off Mommy’s monitor! Kewl, huh! I was also able to capture the moment when you slipped your tiny feet in Daddy’s shoes! What a cute sight! But what Mommy couldn’t forget with what you did yesterday was when you were already lying on our bed and still not feeling well, you got up and called Mommy’s attention by tapping me softly in my arm as if telling me, “enough of the laptop, Mommy; let’s sleep”. That warmed my heart, huggies. I love you, my dearest baby.

I wish you good health, my baby. I hope that you will be able to recover ASAP. Please do eat, baby.



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