Dear Baby: 75th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  75th  L E T T E R

Oct. 10, 2010 @ 10:16p.m.

Dear Baby,

Howdy, baby! Mommy’s excited to tell you a lot of things!

So glad you weren’t confined at the hospital. So glad you weren’t dehydrated, too. It’s been five days since your last bout of diarrhea! Oh, God, Mommy’s so relieved when, finally, that night of Oct. 6, your stool was dark and  hard, square-shaped, like brownies. Hehe. Mommy’s just happy now. You know, baby, Mommy cried every time you pooped watery stool. Mommy cried every time you couldn’t breath well because of your clogged nose. The virus that affected you was really STRONG. Why? Because I asked the Lord to give the virus to us! Daddy, Mommy, and nanny were and are all still affected by the virus. You still have runny nose though, but, at least, you are now eating. You are also drinking milk now. Thank God.

For the past week, the only thing you can manage to put into your tummy is two ounces of milk, and you’d still vomit it because you couldn’t breath well. Ahh. The past week was a roller coaster of emotions for Mommy. When I started to feel dizzy on the 7th of October, and my nose kept on sneezing, I told myself then that you were beginning to feel OK because the virus was already transferred to Mommy. But, oh, virus seems not to go to just one person – Mommy – who asked for it from you because as I said earlier, Daddy and nanny were inflicted, too.

Praise to God, really, for healing you. Mommy knows that soon you’ll regain the weight you lost for the past week. The loss was so huge because your pants has gotten so loose that my big fist could get into it. But at the rate that you are eating now, baby, you’ll be well.

Did you know, baby, that when you were sick for almost a week, Mommy was so sorry? Mommy missed your antics, too! I cried when I saw you dancing in our bed when you heard the tune of your dancing teddy bear. I cried when I saw that you were fighting, too. I missed you a lot that I decided then not to get pregnant this year. Yes. You will always be my baby, until such time that you’ll be ready to be an Ate – perhaps, two more years.

A few nights ago, you surprised us with your intelligence. You wanted to play the piano but your hands couldn’t reach the top of the keyboard. In our amazement, you got your chair, and stood on it. WOW. How’s that for an 18-month old baby?

This morning, you also surprised Mommy when you walked backwards without fret! You just looked at your side to see if your back was about to touch on something. Mommy got scared of what you did, but couldn’t help laughing! How did you learn to walk backwards? Haha.

Tonight, you surprised Mommy and nanny. You wouldn’t allow us to feed you with spoon because you wanted to be independent! BUT, you allowed Daddy to feed you! And oh, baby, how you looked at Daddy’s face with smile on your eyes melted our hearts every time he fed you and ate with gusto. You’re such an amazing baby girl.

This is all for now, baby.



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