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Six months from now, my baby will turn two! I have been told it’s called the terrible twos. But I think in my baby’s case, I can see it isn’t. I agree with the book I just bought from our vacation in the Philippines last month that it’s the terri-FIC twos. This reminds me to continue reading the book, Your Two-Year Old. If you want to take a quick peek on the excerpt of this book, click here.

If you have trained your baby well during the infancy up to beginning toddler years, your baby will turn out JUST perfectly fine as soon as she reaches two years. I can see that in my baby girl. But, well, there are times, too, that she just wants to do things on her terms!

Yes, some toddlers as they reach age 2 seem to just know one word – NO – everything is no, and everything seems to be too hard to deal with this young person who wanted to exercise one’s own right! What to do with it, you may ask.

One thing, think of it as a temporary experience that your child is undergoing. But I’ve got a hint of reservation on this. Parents, who always justify the bad behavior of their children at a young age, oftentimes create a huge mistake in their child’s behavior in the future. We shouldn’t just justify that they are kids, and that they would change on their own! I read somewhere that parents are oftentimes the monster-creators of children! Why? Because we were not able to train our children well. We were not able to distinguish what is good parenting from bad parenting! We were not able to tame our children at the age when they should be taught about real parenting, and this age starts at two and toddler years.

Chris Thompson, a father, and an expert in communication strategies, language patterns, influence and persuasion, created this valuable tool – TALKING TO TODDLERS –  to help parents deal with toddlers and preschoolers. Chris tells this important thing about our kids’ behavior:

Behavior is driven by emotion. It’s not driven by logic. Your kids act the way they do because of their emotional state.

If only parents knew this very powerful fact, our children’s environment would be filled with love and compassion.

Interested to know more about this tool “Talking to Toddlers“? Then, click below to get free lessons to help parenting stress-free and more fun!

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