Every child is a genius! How to tap the genius in your child.


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Every parent wishes her child to be mentally advanced.

There are toys, baby Einstein videos that promise to harness the child’s mind, and almost every home possesses these things.

As parents, we tend to buy anything that will just make our child like Einstein, that she may talk rapidly and coherently at an early age, that she may read a line or two before she turns 1 year old, that she may be able to recite the alphabet and count the numbers at an early age. There have been criticisms that say these videos do not actually make babies genius. But buying these videos are actually at the parents’ discretion. If you attend to your child diligently by watching her every move when you’re with her, by talking with her on a daily basis, and by touching her to make her feel loved and special, these do wonders in stimulating the genius within your child.

Believe me. I’ve been there. I’ve listened to nursery songs way back my pregnancy months with my baby. I’ve read all the nursery books to my baby. I’ve counted with her. I’ve recited the alphabet with her. There were times that I got mesmerized as to how she responded well. She’s just a wise little girl. Every parent does these things, that I believe so. It is our interaction with our child to tap the genius within her that determines who she will become in the future. What we do to her at an early age is like a seed planted that will grow to a sturdy plant that she should be, if properly nourished with love and care.

It’s not hard to tap the genius within our child. We don’t push things so hardly lest our child would resist us. Things should be done just naturally. In my own practice with my baby, I always make it a point to show her how things work just for one time, and she does the same accurately in her first try. She has become a responsible child as early as 4 months who learned how to feed herself by getting the feeding bottle with her little hands.  There are many instances I could say on how my baby girl at 18months has grown to the child that I envisioned her to be – witty, responsible, loving, and a baby genius at her age. She first said her English sentence at 1yr and 2months (considering that English is not our mother tongue).

I’d like to introduce to young mothers, expectant mothers, and all mothers out there to this superb manual that will help you tap the genius in your child! Yes, every child is a genius, and that just needed to be tapped. You are the key in opening that door, and no one else. You need not wait for your child to enter nursery, kindergarten to make your baby learn how to read. This manual I am presenting to you has this promise: GIVE ME A CHILD – ANY CHILD, AND I WILL TURN IT INTO A GENIUS!

Why you’d need this manual. It will help you these things:

When should I start teaching my child, so that he will learn fastest and develop his brain to achieve his maximum ability?

What should I teach my child, so that he’ll be ahead of all other kids?

How to teach my child to read, so that he will read as early as 2 or even before?

How to help my child read faster, comprehend more, and remember easily and effortlessly, so that he’ll be a brilliant student?

How can I teach my child math so that he will love math and have fun learning it?

How can I develop my child’s creativity and problem solving skills, so that he will be able to invent new concepts and solve problems easily and effortlessly?

How to train my child to be a leader?

How to develop and improve my child’s visual and auditory memory to the maximum?

How to develop my child’s coordination, so that he will excel and enjoy all kinds of sports?

Left and right brain hemispheres, their functions, how to make sure my child develops his whole brain, and how to improve brain hemisphere connectivity?

Children and money – how to train my child for financial success?

How to help my child in school?

How to motivate my child to apply himself and achieve the best results possible?

How to strengthen my child’s self confidence?

When and why should I test my child’s IQ?

Up to date whole brain education that develops lightening speed calculations as well as visual memory and creativity?

and much much more…

Remember, as James Russell Lowell said, “That best academy, a mother’s knee.” You are the greatest teacher your child can have. You’re giving her the best gift that you, as mother, could give.  Act now and tap the genius within your child!

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