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Have you watched Baby Genius? I have watched it for several times with my baby, and we just both loved it! Watch the trailer below, and soon, you’ll be looking for a copy of the full movie.

Every child is a genius. I also mentioned it in my previous post. And the only way to release the genius within is only through us, the parent/s.

You might tell me you’re too busy to teach your child. Yes, I do understand that. In this world, where we all should have a job to make up with the increasing demands of raising children, costly bills, and more, we can only wish to spend a few more hours with our child. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. We are just too tired to do so. We just let the television set be the “teacher” of our child, and it’s a very wrong decision. If we don’t have an hour to teach our child everyday, maybe we have 5-minute to spend with her!

Yes, it takes only five minutes, and this solid 5-minutes can make a difference in the life of our child. It can help release the genius within. You can use this baby genius maker starting from 3 months and onwards just for five minutes a day! What’s more, you can teach your child how to read WITHOUT books! Too good to be true? No. Why not try the program for seven days – for FREE, and see for yourself how your child is reacting to the baby genius program?

Click here to access the free baby genius maker!

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