Parents’ must DO for kids: teaching kids about goal-setting and law of attraction at a young age


If I had to be a child again, these are the two things that I wished I had known at an early age:

1) goal-setting
2) use of law of attraction

It took me three decades to finally learn about using the law of attraction, and goal-setting. WOW! That long, you may say! Ugh. Really, that long. I am not saying I didn’t have goals when I was younger, but, the path could have been easier for me, if I was able to learn goal-setting at an early age. And achieving anything I want could have been made simpler, if I was equipped with the knowledge on how to use the law of attraction.

But knowing these stuffs at this age wherein I already have a child of my own is just so timely! I know that by simply knowing how to teach my child to set a goal, and achieve it through law of attraction could be the GREATEST GIFT I could ever give her.

My sister gave me this wonderful parenting book, GROWING UP GREAT, by Dr. James W. Varni and Donna G. Corwin. It’s a book about positive solutions for raising, confident, self-assured children. It’s a fascinating must-read for parents with 6-10 year olds. Although my baby is just 18months, I started to read and will reread that book from time to time because it really gives substantial solutions on how parents can develop kids with high self-esteem, and on what formulas to help in raising them such as the parent-child contract when it comes to school (which I’ll gonna use with my baby), how to teach compliance, how to help kids in decision-making, and how to help them deal with social problems.

Go For Your Goals: Goal-Setting and Visualization for Kids‘ is another must-have book for parents! It is the first book ever to explain what goal setting is, and the law of attraction in terms that your children will understand. This book comes in three packages!

‘Go for Your Goals’ Book One:  “The Secret of Making Wishes Come True – Goal Setting and Visualization for Younger Kids” Click here to view sample pages of the book:

‘Go for Your Goals’ Book Two: “How to Get the Things You Want (and Have Fun Doing It)”. Click here to view sample pages of the book.

‘Go for Your Goals’ Book Three: “Parents’ Guide to Goal Setting and Visualization Training for Kids”. Click here to view sample pages of the book.

Dear Parents, “don’t let your child miss out on reaching their goals, dreams and highest ambitions….” The way to do it is in your hands. NOW. Teach them about goal-setting and the law of attraction in terms that they can understand through the ‘Go For Your Goals‘ book.

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