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I should have written this post as a letter to my baby, but opted not to.

I find this anecdote with my baby a funny one so I am writing the story as to how my conversation this morning with my baby went on:

Mommy: What’s your name, baby?

Baby: My name.

My mouth dropped, literally.

We usually call our baby, at home, as “bb”, our endearment to her. So, she doesn’t know how to say yet her nickname or real name, although we’ve been telling her about it. She’d just smile, and laugh when asked. Although in the past, she heard people call her by her nickname, and she mimicked that name without any difficulty when she was 7 months old. But now that she’s a toddler, she would refuse to answer our question about what her name is. If we asked her what her name is, she would just show her pointing finger, indicating she’s 1-yr old. It’s her answer to the question, “how old are you?”. My baby knows that the answer to the question, “what’s your name?” isn’t “1” as she usually does to make things funny. But how on earth that she wouldn’t just answer her name, or nickname?

After a few days of constant nagging/questioning her to answer the question, what’s your name, my baby surprised me when she answered it with “my name”…and left me hanging. Haha.

I was literally shocked though to hear her say “my name”…It’s because I didn’t teach her how to answer in a complete sentence…although “my name” isn’t a complete sentence yet but it seemed to me that she’s trying to answer me in a sentence, and not just the plain telling of her name/nickname like the way I taught her.

I shouldn’t underestimate my baby; she’s a grammarian at an early age. Babies are, I guess.

Rereading my conversation with my baby, it just occurred to me that her answer might be complete (in her thoughts, maybe). If we’re going to analyze the question, “what’s your name, baby?, and the answer, “my name”, her answer does make sense.

Her name is her name, whatever it is. :)

Got it?

My baby’s a wonder.

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