Dear Baby1: 77th natural letter for my 1st baby


T H E  77th L E T T E R

Oct. 28, 2010 @ 9:35p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Hi Ate! You’re now officially an ate, baby1. Haha. Shocked that Mommy called you baby1? It’s because Mommy just confirmed I am pregnant with your baby sibling! WOW! I love you both, my babies! WOW, it feels good to say I now have two babies, although, baby2 is still in my womb.

How have you been doing my baby1? Mommy’s been planning to write you letters, but, Mommy has been vomiting for almost a week now. I thought the nausea was just about the flu, but, it wasn’t. Mommy was carrying your baby sib!

Mommy thought of telling you in advance about your baby sib even though I didn’t have my pregnancy test yet. The first time I told you, you just listened intently. I told you that soon you’ll be an ate (older sister). Then, yesterday, while we were on our bed, I told you “you’re an ate now”…and then, you repeated that word with a smile. You pointed to yourself, “ate”, and giggled. Then, suddenly, you told me I am ate, too. I said, no, I am Mommy, and Mommy has a new baby in my tummy, but you’re still my baby1. When Mommy told you that I have a baby in my tummy, you lifted my shirt, and listened to my tummy! OMG. You really caught me off guard, baby1. How did you learn that? Where did you learn that? I shared this story with Daddy; he said that you must have seen him hearing my tummy. WOW. It seemed you remember that scenario.

Now, you’re 19months old, baby1. When your baby sib will be born on June 2011, you’ll be 2 years and 3 months. I know that you will be the best “Ate” for your baby sib. Yesterday, when I told you that you will be the best “ate”, you smiled. Every time you heard the word “ate”, you simply gave a heartfelt smile. I love that, huggies. Thank you for bearing with Mommy. I am sorry I didn’t play with you the other day when you asked me to draw with you. Mommy was not feeling well then. I promise that as soon as Mommy gets better within the day, I will play with you.

How are you at 19months? Doing great as ever! You simply amaze us with your language skills! I wonder how you learned to answer our questions in complete/straight/grammatically correct English! Uh-oh, I wish though that you’d eat well, baby1. Tonight, you let Daddy feed you. Amazing! It’s because with yaya or Mommy, you wouldn’t allow us to feed you.

This is all for now, baby1.



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