Dear Baby2 in My Womb: 1st natural letter for my 2nd baby



Oct. 28, 2010 @ 8:45p.m.

Dear Baby2,

OMG. I just couldn’t believe I am writing my first letter to my baby2 in my womb!

Hi, baby2. Mommy feels the need to address you as baby2. It’s because Mommy is also writing letters to your ate, baby1. WOW. Now, Mommy will have two babies! Mommy just confirmed that I am pregnant two hours ago at 7:15p.m at Starbucks!

I was filled with uttermost joy! I cried at the bathroom. All these days of nausea and vomiting have been just confirmed – I am, indeed, pregnant with you, baby2! Daddy was enthusiastic as well when he heard the news. His heart was pounding. We wonder what your gender would be, baby2? It doesn’t matter. Girl or boy, you’re always welcome!

We love you much, baby2! We can’t wait to see you, and hug you, and love you even more on June 2011.

This is all for now, baby2. Mommy will write you more letters soon. I can’t wait to tell you about your Ate and Daddy, and yes, about Mommy, and the rest of our family members back home who are waiting for much awaited news about you, baby2!

Welcome to my womb, baby2! Mommy hopes to make it comfortable for you, as much as possible. We’d be having our first visit to the hospital on Saturday.



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