Dear Baby1: 78th natural letter for my 1st baby


T H E  78th L E T T E R

Dec. 30, 2010 @ 10:02p.m.

Dear Baby1,

How are you, baby1? Mommy’s so SORRY for not writing you and baby2 letters the past two months. I promise to write more.

It’s confirmed! You will have a baby sister! The doctor said though that “I think it’s a girl” because we could not clearly see baby2’s gender in the ultrasound. Anyway, girl or boy, we welcome our new baby, right Ate?

How have you been doing, my 1st baby? You’re now 21 months! Wow! How time really flies. You’re such an amazing toddler. Let Mommy recall what you did for the past two months.

Yesterday, we went to Kuwait Zoo at Omariya. Wow. We’re amazed that you walked alone there for 1 hour! You were so happy and ecstatic of your empowerment and freedom! You were so amazed at the giraffe that you really were shocked and in awe when you saw the long neck of the giraffe. You wanted to slide on the rocks haha. You kept on saying, “slide, slide”, but, sad to say there was no facility for that in the zoo. Let’s look for another playground so you can slide to the max for real. At home, you slide at the sofa. Hehe. Anyway, we’ll be back to the zoo to take more pictures because our camera’s battery went out completely.

Last Christmas, you received lots of gifts from Daddy and Mommy. You only received two gifts from two of your 36 godparents. LOL. Anyway, those who are located in our home country are excused. :)

Ahh, baby1, I have so much to tell you. Mommy hopes to recover from her memory the things that you’ve been doing for the past months that I didn’t write you a letter. Please be patient with Mommy as I try to recall everything.

10.22.10 you had your LSS ” ashes, ashes, we all fall down…!” hehe. and you wanted to play “ring around the rosie” until everyone of us gets nauseated haha

10.23.10 I heard you were counting from 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, and when I told you to repeat, you said, “A 2 3…” hehe

10.25.10 I was quite amazed at this conversation:

Mommy: bb, how are you?
BB: I’m fine!
Daddy: Baby, where’s your bag?
BB: I don’t know.

10.31.10 I heard you were counting by 10s.

10 20 30 40…till 100!

11.4.10 You had your 2nd haircut courtesy of Mommy using your nail scissors. LOL.

11.5.10 When daddy told you to repeat over your toy microphone the proposed name of your baby sibling (yeshua, because we taught our new baby is a boy), you said your first name for the first time!

11.8.10 Mommy couldn’t forget your reaction at this conversation (through singing):

MOMMY {singing}: ‘ I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas…’
BB: {singing, too}: ‘eat, eat, eat apple, banana…’
MOMMY {still singing}: I like to eat, eat, eat my baby aleck….’
BB: ‘No…’

11.17.10 Mommy couldn’t forget this conversation. Where did you get such word? :)

mommy: bb…
bb: wazzup

11.23.10 I was so shocked as well when you said this four-word-sentence – it was so clear.

yaya {sa likod ni bb}: ‘Merry Christmas’
bb: ‘what did you say?’
yaya: ‘Merry Christmas’

11.27. 10 You wowed us with your dancing skills! Rock n roll, classical, and alternative and more! :)

11.29.10 When daddy told you he’s leaving for office, you said, “WAIT!”

Oh, I got a trivia for you baby1 about how you’d go with Daddy to the lower ground of the building when he goes for work. For a month now, you don’t go with him anymore. In fact, sometimes, you’re in a hurry to close the door as soon as he leaves our house. There are times though that you’d just say, “bye daddy!” hehe.

12.1.10 We were eating breakfast when I asked you if you wanted more rice. You surprised me by saying, “I think…”

12.2.10 You made Mommy blush when I was mashing your food with your spoon, and you interrupted me by saying, “enough”

12.2.10 And I wouldn’t forget this conversation:

Mommy: “Bb, do you want a radio this Christmas?” {she’s listening to the radio in daddy’s mobile phone}BB: “opo” (first time ko marinig yan; she thinks and speaks in English)

Mommy: “small or big radio?”

BB:”like this…” {pointing to daddy’s mobile phone}?

It was on the first week of December when you said — pointing to your picture in Daddy’s mobile phone — baby, and we said, it’s you. You said back, “it’s you”. No, we corrected you, “you should say, “it’s me”. You didn’t say a word. After an hour, you surprised us when you said, pointing to your picture in Daddy’s laptop, “it’s me”. Then, after an hour, you got two bananas from the table, and handed the bananas to Mommy. You really touched my heart when you said, “it’s you”, perhaps, you were telling Mommy, “for you, Mommy”. Oh how sweet you are baby.

You also touched Mommy’s heart when you’d comfort Mommy by rubbing my back when you’d see me vomiting. You wiped Mommy’s mouth with my dress when you saw some water in my mouth. You also surprised Mommy when you overheard me vomiting (you were at the living room playing with your toys). Instead of going to the kitchen to comfort Mommy, you shouted these words with love and care: “momma, momma, it’s OK? it’s OK?” You were asking Mommy if I were OK because I was severely vomiting.

12.16.10 You all shocked us when the helium balloon that Daddy gave you went out of your hand, and you said, “It fly! Like a bird! You said that at 20 months.


Daddy: “hi, baby!” (usually you’d say hi)
BB: “kamusta!” (where did you get this word?)

12.29.10 At the zoo, you surprised us when you said, “hintay” to your Ninang Cathy and Kuya Ken. Where did you get that word, baby1? You’d always say WAIT! Hehe.

On our way to the zoo, the driver mentioned the word, “maninigarilyo”, but your yaya and I were really caught off guard when you acted it out by putting your two fingers on your mouth and letting the imaginary smoke got out as if you were smoking. Baby1, Mommy’s about to ran then! Haha. No one smokes at home. No one says about the word, sigarilyo, or yosi, or cigarette. How did you learn such word?

At 21 months now, you have several languages and dialect. Your main language though is English.

WOW baby1! You’re an amazing baby, indeed.

This is all for now. This is quite a long letter. Mommy promises to write you more often. I think I missed out some things that you did in the past; I will try to recall them.



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