Dear Baby1: 79th natural letter for my 1st baby


T H E  79TH  L E T T E R

Jan. 9, 2010 @6:28p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Hello, my baby!

Mommy has been feeling nostalgic lately. Buhu. :) I feel happy and sad at the same time. Who wouldn’t be? At 21 months, you’re beginning to act independently! As always you have been like that since you were a newborn, only that it has become so pronounced lately.

Yesterday, I didn’t notice that you created your own “bed” beside our bed. I looked at what you “prepared” as soon as Daddy told me about your “little bed”. Waah. You were there, lying on your own “bedding” – a blanket on the carpet, and the small pillow. Ahh, I felt so sad because my baby wants to sleep “alone” now. You did it again just two hours ago. You prepared your own “bed” again. :)

This afternoon, you surprised us when you removed your diaper, folded it just like what we do with your soiled diaper, and threw it on the trash can. And the diaper wasn’t that soiled yet. You just wanted it to be removed, that’s all. Tonight, you didn’t want to wear any diaper. You wanted to wear panty! And you didn’t want to wear your pajama. Waah. Is it the sign of your readiness to be potty trained? I guess so.

Mommy tested you if you’re indeed ready for potty training. I didn’t put your diaper but instead replaced it with panty. Just when you freshly bathed, you peeped at the carpet. I removed your panty. You wanted to throw the panty into the trash can, and not on the laundry bag. I told you it’s not meant to be thrown; it just needed to be washed. On our 2nd attempt, after 20 minutes, you peed again. But this time, I saw that you were trying to control your peeing on your panty. I saw that you wanted to go somewhere – we were in our bedroom – it seemed you wanted to go to the bathroom! On our 3rd attempt, I was sensing that you were about to pee. I told you to inform Mommy that you wanted to pee so I can remove your panty. I removed your panty, and told you to sit on the plastic potty training stool. You seated there. But when I got back from the bathroom, you already peed on the carpet! LOL.

No worries, my baby. You are on the right track. I am proud of you.

This is all for now.



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