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Posted on : 18-01-2011 | By : dutdot | In : Expat Blogging, Life's Musings

My blog got declined from an expat community (my blog used to be in their directory, but out of privacy reasons, I removed it, now I want to be back), saying my blog isn’t categorized as an expat blog. Hmmm. Dig deeper into my past entries. :) Well, it’s maybe because I wasn’t focused on blogging about my expat living (I did have some topics on expat living!) but I was more concerned about writing natural letters to my growing baby, and now, a new baby in my womb. It’s only now that I feel the need to be active in socializing at the blogosphere. [I’ll try my luck in other expat communities – now that I’m into expat blogging.]

Had I been more social in the past, I could have read and bought these low-priced gadgets from witsinkw at www.witsinkw.blogspot.com. Too bad, it was in 2008 when he posted those pictures in his blog. Tehee.


Well, lesson learned: connect more with fellow expatriates at the blogosphere. You will never when you will hit a jackpot.

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