On language development: Sponge mind of a baby


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Husband was eating his dinner when suddenly our first born said she wanted to eat. She grabbed the serving spoon and ate the sticky rice from it. She had her bowl of rice and viand but opted to just munch on the rice. She almost finished eating the pancake.

I was standing behind her Daddy’s back, when she caught my attention, “MOTHER!” I was laughing hard because it’s my first time to hear that word from her. Where on earth did she learn that word? It must be on the videos she watched. After a few minutes, I went to the other room, and got three pieces of Hershey’s. She saw the chocolates in my hand, and immediately, she asked for one piece of chocolate. I told her to eat her meal, instead — the one on her plate. She replied, “DILI KO” [bikolano term for ayaw ko or in English, I don’t like]…to our amazement and loud laughter. We were really surprised because she usually say “I don’t like”…

Baby1 is 21months now. She speaks and thinks in English most of the time, but there are occasions that she would blurt out any dialect and languages other than English.

The mind of a baby is, indeed, sponge-like. The mind captures everything that she hears or sees. Language development in a baby is something that a parent should not be apprehensive about when the baby isn’t talking much yet. Just focus on “talking” with your baby, even if you think s/he doesn’t understand you. One day, you’d be surprised at the words coming from her mouth. Just be very careful though; the baby’s mind absorbs everything…

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