Happy 2nd birthday, dutdot!


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Happy birthday to my blog, dutdot.com. Happy birthday to me. Today marks my 2nd year in blogging at dutdot.com. The blog is two months older than my first born. I delivered my 1st baby on March 27, 2009 in Kuwait.

Looking back through the past two years, it was a roller-coaster of emotions for a new mom like me. Other than my hubby who stood up with my ups and downs, (trials and errors as a new mom, the period of being nannyless for over a year after giving birth, my work then in a company here in Kuwait which I had to leave or had to let me go, my doubts of putting off my work over my baby, and more), this blog has served well its purpose of being my sounding board. Like a personal coach, this blog has harnessed my talents in writing, in blogging, in making the most of myself – mostly as a mom, and as a business person.This blog witnessed how many times I had been torn between going back to the workforce – corporate world or remain as who I am now: a startup work-at-home mom; a startup founder. UNTIL I realized I didn’t need a job outside home.

We were nannyless, as I  said earlier, for over a year (and having a new baby then as a first time mom) was something that my powers weren’t prepared – overseas. I was even told by my hubby’s relative to just go home and find a nanny back home so I could work at the province. No. It’s not the life that I wanted for my family.

I have a job at home, and it’s not the wrong one for me. Isn’t it true that “life is too short for the wrong job“? In fact, I don’t call it a job. I call it a lifestyle. It’s only lately that I have embraced my new found calling – I now have a WAHM career. I have been doing my business for almost two years as a work-from-home mom, and I am venturing as well into other related fields such as affiliate marketing, and bringing to the next level my Internet marketing skills, but never did I consider it as my WAHM career. I thought then that having a career is something that one would just get at the corporate world. NO. The thought that I have a WAHM career has liberated me more than ever. Along with this is the realization that there’s purpose in what I am doing. More about this topic soon when my new Web site is ready…

…Two years of blogging at dutdot.com and counting!

Here’s to great life ahead. Cheers!

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