Tip for Work-At-Home Moms: “What you love to do, you do well”


Today is a very special day for me. I just turned two years old – no – my blog dutdot.com just turned two. They said it’s the terrible twos — but, rather the terrific twos — to borrow a quote from a book.

I learned a lot of great deal as a work-from-home mom. One lesson that has helped me in shaping my thoughts and actions is Emmanuel’s wisdom. Read below.

What you love to do, you do well.

What you do will earn you money.
If there is not a formal occupation that honors your vision,
then I would say it’s about time you take your
creative power and design a job for yourself.

Look at history.
Those who amassed great fortunes did not follow
in the footsteps of structure.
They moved with their own creativity.
What brings you joy will bring you abundance.

As with all things, work is another opportunity
to find the self. The workplace  allows you to challenge
illusions, come face to face with a great many fears
and to find the gifts of talents that you have.

If you step out of fear, you will find that money holds no power.
It’s simply a means of exchange – pieces of paper and bits of metal.

~ Emmanuel’s Book II: The Choice for Love

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