Atopic dermatitis in baby’s skin


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Atopic dermatitis
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A few days back, I blogged about winter skin care for babies, that is, too much bathing is dangerous for their skin. Since last week, we decided to bath baby1 every two days. The dryness started to diminish, but, still my baby1 got rashes in almost 50% of her lower body.

We went to my baby’s pedia last 29th at Al Salam, and he advised us to use Cetaphil Lotion. We told him that we’ve been using cetaphil lotion to no avail so he advised us to cancel the 5KD consultation (baby has a health card; no health card @20KD), and go instead to a dermatologist at Al-Messila. My baby’s dermatologist said that my baby has Atopic Dermatitis, and he prescribed Nutraderm and Elocom Mometasone Furoate Cream for two weeks.

Atopic Dermatitis (AD)

My baby’s dermatologist said that AD is a type of eczema that is non-contagious but chronically reverting skin disorder. It is triggered by irritants in food (sweets, softdrinks), wool clothing, and other allergens. It is often itchy.

There’s no cure for eczema but can be relieved through using creams and moisturizers. My baby’s doc also told us that baby should not eat chocolates and drink softdrinks. We should also bath her every other day, and apply moisturizing lotion when her body is still damp.

I hope there will be an improvement in her skin after two weeks.

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Nutraderm and Elocom Mometasone are effective. After just four days, I saw a huge improvement in my baby’s skin.

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