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My hubby and I both believe in early education, be it at home or through formal schools. But, with our first baby, we decided to focus on teaching her (with no pressure, of course) at home through books, music, videos, and too much interaction with us. One of the reasons why I decided to be a WAHM is that a baby girl’s brain development is maximized during the first two years of her life. Our first baby’s turning 2 in March.

We met Joel, a kabayan, who sells educational stuffs for children in Kuwait. We were mesmerized at some facts about intellectual development of a baby. From 0 to age 4, 50% of the brain is already developed; from 5 to 8, only 30% will be developed, and the rest of 20% until 18 years old. Huh. The logic is, if we don’t use our brain, we lose its capacity to be developed. How much more with a baby’s brain? It’s like a sponge. It absorbs everything. But what about if there’s nothing that is inputted on her brain?

Not everything is covered in schools so we opted to buy the Total Development Program for baby. The price of the total package is KD1391. Woot! Soooo costly…but it would cost us more in the future if we failed to develop the first 50% of baby’s brain in her formative years. We opted to buy the three modules first – Knowledge, Skills, English at KD700+, and the remaining modules at a later date.

I couldn’t wait to get hold of the books! They will be delivered two weeks from now. Tell you more…

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