Dear Baby1: 81st natural letter for my baby


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T H E  81st L E T T E R

Feb. 2, 2011 @ 4:27p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy my baby! You’re 22 months now, and you’ve learned to walk on the streets for two times now. Wow! Congratulations! The first time you walked was when we were going to your dermatologist last Saturday, Jan. 29. It was scary though because we were near the sidewalk. Last night, we also walked. You walked maybe for 500 meters! Whoa, that’s a great achievement, baby. Daddy and Mommy are so glad and overwhelmed because you’ve started to go with us without relying on your stroller. It’s as if you’re turning it over to baby k, your baby sister.

When we learned or finally confirmed that our new baby is a girl via SONAR, you said, “YES!” after you heard Mommy and Daddy say it last Saturday.

Last night, we ate at McDonald’s near our place. While Daddy was asking for some french fries, you said, “take”. hehe.

Last Sunday, too, January 30, you were still socializing or saying your byes to Ninong Padz and you saw that Daddy and Mommy were already walking too fast, you said, “Wait! Wait! I come!”

hehee. What a cutie you are, baby.You also now have a habit to curtail your smile even when you wanted to laugh or show your teeth, and you know, the more that it adds to your charm and beauty. Ahh. It’s just that your teeth are beginning to decay. Oh no. It’s because you drink your milk at night without asking Mommy for it. I’d just wake up noticing that the bottle’s already empty. I hope you’d let us brush your upper teeth! :)



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