Why do moms work at home?


Honestly, I never imagined that I’d be working at home or from home. In the past, I was one of those who yearned for recognition/merits at the workplace. I got further studies to augment my knowledge. I was on top of the class both in my tertiary education and graduate studies. Working from home then was a farfetched idea!

When we went overseas, I worked for two years, and finally decided that having a baby and finally settling in at home was and is the best option.

I’m still a career woman, only that, working outside home is no longer my option. I’m still here overseas, and I’ve pioneered the WAHM career in Kuwait. More about this soon.

When I learned that my first baby’s a girl in 2008, and that a baby girl’s brain development happens for the first two years of her life, that’s when I told myself that working outside should not be an option. Another thing, we didn’t have a nanny then to take good care of my baby. I was afraid of bringing my baby to babysitters. I also didn’t want to be apart from my baby by bringing her to my home country. And now, my first baby is 22 months, and is way ahead in her mental development. I am also currently pregnant with my 2nd baby, and she’s a baby girl, too.

Why do moms work at home?  For me, having a WAHM career is just so timely. It gives me more freedom and a lifestyle I wouldn’t trade of. I get to see my baby 24×7, and I’m almost always there every step of her way. I also enjoy what I am doing in my WAHM career.

For other working moms (who work outside home), circumstances, sometimes, for them to quit work and their careers. Top reason is about having a househelp. Yes just like this Malaysian mom who’s thinking of quitting work because there’s a shortage in foreign domestic help. Previously, we didn’t have a househelp here overseas. When our househelp came, I was already “forced” to quit working outside. But, the result is just awesome! I’d reiterate, I’m blessed to have both – a career at home, and that of taking care of my baby, and another one on the way.

I couldn’t ask for more. As I write this post, (after doing some online work), my baby is beside me – she’s watching youtube videos of her favorite singer, Justin Bieber. She has her own laptop, by the way.

Would you like to learn on how to start your WAHM career? It’s just easy. Let’s talk.

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