Dear Baby1: 83rd natural letter for my baby


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T H E 83rd L E T T E R

Feb. 20, 2011 @5:09p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy my baby!

How are you, ate? You always smile when you hear the word, “ate”…I am pretty sure that you’ll be a great ate to your younger sister. I am also sure that you’re eager to see her comes June! Wow, we’re all excited for the coming of baby K into our lives. Soon, there will be four of us – daddy, mommy, you, and baby K.

Baby, you’ve become more talkative now. Thank God. But, there’s one thing you don’t often do now – and that’s to eat square meals. Sad. I wish your appetite would come back ASAP.

We went to the Avenues mall yesterday, and along the way, you saw the King’s picture, and you asked, “who’s this?” I said, he’s the King of Kuwait. You’re amazing, baby, at 23 months.

We also bought you new sets of clothes from baroue. Whew, daddy and mommy have been buying you and baby K with new sets of clothes every week? Haha.

It was last Thursday when we bought you your own bed. Mommy cried as soon as you climbed on your bed. How time flies, really! I was in tears, both of happiness and sadness, because now you have your own bed. It’s not even having your own room yet; just your own bed in our bedroom — beside daddy’s and mommy’s bed. But why did I cry? Haha. Perhaps, I would be missing you so much because you’re now beginning to act independently. At night time, I was trying to see if you’d sleep in your own bed – you didn’t. You preferred to sleep in our bed, but, on Mommy’s side, not between Daddy and Mommy. :)

Last night, you slept again beside Mommy. Hmmm, you don’t want now to sleep between Daddy and Mommy. Last night, too, we saw that it’s your “lambing” to Daddy when you tend to reject him at night. You’d say no to him or his kisses or even when he hugs you at night when you’re about to sleep. But it’s just your way to let him know that you want him in our bed. When Daddy left last night after you rejected him, you followed him and wanted him to come back to our bed. Hehe.

This afternoon, we video chatted with Papa and Mama and Auntie A back home. You sang, and you talked, and you jumped, and growled to their amazement. Good job, baby.

This is all for now.



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