Dear Baby2 in my womb: 6th natural letter for my baby


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T H E 6TH  L E T T E R

Feb. 20, 2011 @5:00p.m.

Dear Baby2,

Howdy my baby! It’s been quite awhile since Mommy wrote you a letter. How have you been doing my baby?

Mommy is so happy that you’re so active in my womb! It was this week when you kicked Mommy so hardly for several times during the night. Daddy was even surprised when you kicked his hand! WOW. You’re growing so fast.

By the way, we just bought your new sets of clothes again. Wow, you have a lot of clothes, baby. We also bought two pieces of swaddle blanket to make you comfortable during the night, and to straighten your legs. We’re quite sad that your ate’s legs are quite straight yet. She didn’t want to be swaddled with improvised blanket when she was younger. She also didn’t want to be massaged. Oh,  we do hope that you would like to be swaddled, and massaged.

Over three months to go, baby, and we’ll gonna see, hug, and kiss you!



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