Dear Baby1: 84th natural letter for my baby


T H E  84TH  L E T T E R

Feb. 23, 2011 @10:54p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy my baby!

As I write this letter, you’re sleeping in your own bed. For what reason? Not because you went there by your own will, but because you forced yourself to go there. Tehee.

Mommy was about to cut your toenails when you were awakened and you started crying. You were in our bed, and then, you got up, went to your own bed.

I need to watch over you as you may be surprised why you’re suddenly alone in your bed.

BTW, last night, you slept at around 1a.m. already. You were awakened when Daddy went home around 11p.m. You played with Daddy’s Iphone, and oh, boy, you really surprised us with your speed in picking up anything that you hear!

When you saw the waves of the ocean, you said, “Swim”. The picture of the waves was really scary (big, white waves) and then you said, “Oh, God! Baby, baby”…We didn’t know what you meant by it, but it is something that conveyed with strong emotion.

You’re a fast learner, baby. We are very proud of you.



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