Dear Baby: 85th natural letter for my baby1


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T H E 85th L E T T E R

March 3, 2011 @1:21p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy, my baby! You’re sleeping as Mommy writes this.

How time flies! It’s the third month of the year – our birthmonth! In our family, there are three of us who are celebrating our birthdays in March – you, Mommy, Mama – 3 generations. Three weeks from now, you’ll be turning 2! Hurrah!

And guess what, last night, Mommy was so guilty for promising you something which was a lie. I was missing you so much so I asked Daddy if you could go down, and wait at the car, and just go upstairs when we were about to leave. We didn’t really want to bring you along last night because Daddy and Mommy had to go for grocery shopping. At the car, you never wanted to leave. My mistake. I told you that you and your nanny will get your shoes. My biggest mistake. You cried and cried. When you saw Daddy upstairs (he told me), you shouted, “Daddy! Daddy!”, as if you were saying, it’s all right that Mommy went out, Daddy’s here. But when you saw Daddy readying to go out, you started to cry again. You went with Daddy to the elevator. I heard your cry while I was waiting for Daddy at the car. I promise, I won’t do that again – giving you false promises.

Guess what, baby, prior to your 23rd birthday, Daddy and Mommy were talking about your birthday on the eve of 27th Feb. But on that day, Feb 27, no one bothered to remember to greet you! That day, I even said, one month from now, you’ll be celebrating your 2nd birthday. Haha. Daddy and Mommy are both sorry for not remembering to greet you on your 23rd birthday. We were busily looking forward to your 2nd birthday next month. Mommy’s still finalizing on what to do on your 2nd birthday. We don’t have many friends who have kids here overseas. But, I do hope it will be an enjoyable day for you, baby.

We bought you your new set of Dora notebook, and non-toxic crayons last night. You’re so happy! I saw that you’re a perfectionist, too, like Mommy. Oh no. When one of your crayons was broken, you segregated it from the group of colors, and you didn’t want to use that broken color anymore. In the morning, Daddy witnessed, too, how you segregated the broken color from the rest. Oh no.

Today’s World Book Day, my baby. I am so glad that you love to read books. Whenever we read, you wanted to read all of your books! Tonight, we shall be receiving the Total Development Books we ordered last month. The Knowledge Volume has 24 books! Hurrah!

I am super thankful to God because your pickup is so fast. You are very bright, baby.

This is all for now.



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