Dear Baby2: 7th natural letter for my baby2 in my womb


My Baby's Belly

T H E  7th L E T T E R

Dear Baby2 in my womb,

Howdy, my baby!

Soon, you’ll be turning 6 months! How’s your stay in Mommy’s womb? Are you comfortable there? Are you eating well? I am so sorry for the times you feel so hungry and uncomfortable. Mommy’s nausea is back again as 3rd trimester approaches. I hope to eat quality foods, my baby.

You kick a lot, my baby, that’s so great! You are so active in Mommy’s womb. Are you learning much there, too? Mommy teaches Ate A about nursery rhymes, letters of the alphabet, and reading books with her, too. I know you’re picking up just fast while still in Mommy’s womb. On our 3rd trimester, Mommy will regularly talk to you, and teach you about so many things. We will sing and dance, too, and laugh a lot. I want you to be a very happy baby. I want you to grow up healthy, and smart, and God-fearing. Mommy couldn’t wait to see you and hug you and kiss you! I know, Daddy and Ate A feel the same.

Get enough sleep and rest and food, my baby, while in Mommy’s womb. I hope you have gained enough weight already. It would be our checkup on the last week of this month.

This is all for now.



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