Dear Baby1: 86th natural letter for my baby


T H E  86th  L E T T E R

March 16, 2011 @ 1:38p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy, my baby?

Ahh, you hardly sleep these days during daytime. Growing years, uh-oh. But you do need to sleep, baby. Eleven days from now, you’ll be turning two! Wow, the terrific twos! I hope that you’d gain more kilos and add more to your height even though it seems that the ‘problem’ is genetic. Tehee. Anyway, you’re a very, very smart baby. Your pickup is so speed – like light. Zoooommm.

How are you during the past week? Ahh, Mommy was the one who took good care of you. Uh-oh. I did hope I was able to take good care of you despite Mommy’s crankiness and mood swings and heavy pregnancy. Glad that lately you’ve been allowing Mommy to brush your teeth. I wished I didn’t let your yaya do the brushing for you for the past months. Anyway, indeed, you were so stubborn when it comes to brushing your teeth. Did you know that your front teeth (upper part) are now starting to decay? Too bad, really bad.

Your learning over the past months have been too fast to measure. Thank God. You remember things so well after hearing or seeing it for the first time. Here are some of the interesting things you did:

You’re skilled at using the Iphone — in sliding it, choosing the apps, and in closing/opening it.

You said the words “sweet dreams” when you saw the pillows in the Iphone flashcards. Where did you hear those words? We don’t use them at home.(March 12, 2011 at McDonald’s)

You saw a cat on our way home, and when it escaped, you pointed your fingers to Mommy, and said, “cat” to my dismay and horror. Haha. Daddy and Mommy were both laughing so hard.

You were awakened one afternoon (weekend), and you went straight to the living room. Mommy joined you in going back to our bedroom. You fell asleep instantly. I went out seconds after you fell asleep. Daddy was already in our bed when you you suddenly shouted, in Filipino, “Mama, san ka????” Huh, how did you learn to say those words? You usually think and speak in English.

Mommy told you about how to call a teacher (when you saw it in the Iphone flashcard) — ‘ma’am’…And last night, maybe two or three nights after first teaching you about that word, you mesmerized me when you uttered ‘ma’am’ upon seeing the picture of the teacher in the flashcard.

Thank God for your vivid memory, baby. Your mind is like sponge. Your learning has been accelerated rapidly not just with the help of Iphone, but also through the many books we bought you – especially, the Total Development Program (Knowledge Volume) that was recently delivered to us by Learning Time. Speaking of those books from Learning Time, I have yet to post the pictures here…

Oh, and lately, too, you have been bored watching Dora, and you preferred to watch Your Baby Can Read DVDs. Great news! But, later, I learned that you were just bored of watching the same episodes of Dora. I learned that when you watched the new episodes of Dora.

Last March 6, on Mommy’ birthday and Daddy’s and Mommy’s wedding anniversary celebration at the TGIF’s near the seaside, we thought that we might be holding your 2nd birthday celebration there with selected friends. We don’t have much friends here overseas who have kids and you aren’t in school yet so there won’t be any kiddie party. Your 1st birthday party was held at McDonald’s and majority of those who played in the games were adults. As soon as you enter school, there will be more kiddie parties for you, baby. We’ll be holding a separate birthday party for you at the seaside (for you to swim and enjoy the sand), and another one will be celebrated at the playground for you to play at the slide and seesaw, your favorites.

Yesterday, while we were in Alghanim, someone, the security there, approached you. You didn’t see me nor Daddy so your face was a bit worried. You just smiled when you saw me. One thing I learned from that scenario was that you have an emotional quotient. You didn’t cry; you kept on looking for Mommy. Oh, I remember last March 5, we were walking at the mall. You thought the lady was Mommy (she had the same clothes as mine) and you went towards her and you were getting her hands. From behind, I told you, “baby, mommy’s here”. :)

You love to wear Mommy’s sandals at 23 months, or Daddy’s shoes when you were younger.

You love to watch singers in Youtube like Glee, Justin Bieber, Charice, and Miley Cyrus.

This is all for now, baby. I hope that you’d be sleepy after watching Dora. It’s past 2p.m. now.



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