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Meet my new ‘baby’ – Iphone4, a gift from hubby last night. Supposedly, this would be given after my childbirth in June, but I couldn’t wait to get hold of an Iphone. I was eyeing for Iphone 5, but I doubt about its date of release.

I have yet to get my old SIM card be converted into microsim to fully use the Iphone. There’s a stall in Kuwait City that cuts regular SIM card to microsims so there’s no need to buy new microsims.

Since 1994, I don’t actually remember how many phones I bought or was given to me. In 1994, my 1st mobile phone was samsung, a gift from my mother. Then, I bought more phones. The 1st phone I had was snatched from me when I was riding the jeepney from office to MRT station in Quezon Ave. — to my horror. I guess, from 1994 to the present time, I already have used/bought over a dozen of mobile phones – from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, to Iphone.

This year, I only have 5 left with me.

Imate, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung

Last night, I was awake until 3:30a.m. tinkering my new phone. I am really into it – so addicted!  I am making a new blog about Iphone Escapade in Kuwait at http://iphonescapade.dutdot.com. See you soon there!

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