What’s in a Work-at-Home-Mom’s Bag?


This is a bit private part of my life, but, I’d allow you to have a sneak preview of what’s in a WAHM’s bag.

I can't wait to use Mac. It's recently shipped to hubby via Aramex. I hope to sell my Dell XPS although I am having second thoughts because it's one of my childbirth gifts from hubby. During my delivery of our 1st baby, I received a notebook (which my 23-month old baby is using; and this Dell XPS.

This is my gold mini notebook where I write important notes, accounts. I bought this for KD 1.650 from The Sultan Center. The mini ballpen costs KD0.600. I so love these items!

Ballpen from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - a souvenir I bought during our SouthEast Asia tour in 2010

I always bring this anywhere. My family loves to eat outside home. It's a must to sanitize before we put something in our mouth!

I was planning to upload the individual photos of the contents of my WAHM bag, but, it’s kinda tasking. I have yet to prepare — hubby and I will have my SIM card converted to microsim, and buy veggies in Kuwait City. So, I am uploading here the overall picture of my WAHM bag: what’s lacking in the photo — my Iphone headset and USB cable, my comb, my lip liner. I don’t wear make up when I go out; just a shimmer of lip gloss and a little touch of eye liner.

what's lacking in the photo -- my Iphone headset and USB cable, my comb, my lip liner...

This is all for now. The content of my WAHM bag varies every now and then, depending on my mood, on what I want to read, and on what I want to bring. But basically, the stuffs above are common in my WAHM bag. Usually, I prefer to work (outside home) on malls with free WIFI since my ‘work’ is ONLINE. But, there are cases wherein no WIFI is offered. I have yet to activate the Zain USB WIFI. Photo to be added soon.

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