Busy prep days for my baby’s 2nd birthday, and my baby’s pre-2yr old developmental milestones!


We were set on celebrating our baby’s 2nd birthday at TGIFriday’s, but, last week, someone called re: our baby’s birthday. That meant changing the venue to accommodate other visitors.

Since we don’t have much friends with kids, we opted to celebrate the party at home although it’s smallish. Our old flat here overseas was much bigger than our current flat. I cannot imagine how we can accommodate everyone should they come all together at one time.

We bought balloons and party decors from Mubarakiya. We still need to buy some more decors, and the disposable cups and spoons. As for the food, we’d be looking for a caterer; it’s too tasking to cook.

Two nights ago, we bought sound system and guitar from AlDawhiya, Hawally. We thought of buying the mixer and microphone, but, preferred not to. There won’t be any program, I guess, or maybe there will just be greetings for my baby. I am thinking of having games for the guests, but, the space is so small it would be cumbersome to conduct such. There won’t be any entertainment as we don’t have TV cable, and, we don’t have Mediacom yet. This is something that we should consider buying in the future, if parties would be held at home.

We have been surprised with our baby’s developmental milestones a week before my baby’s 2nd year birthday. She could recognize almost all of the pictures of anything in her books. And she pronounces the words well. Last night, she even surprised us when she recited the letters from the word ‘moo’ as M-O-O! Wow! Would she be reading soon? I was really surprised that she was able to identify the letters. She’s too lazy to be taught of when it comes to the alphabet. But she does like to read. There isn’t a day or night when she tinkers her books. And when she wants to read or let us read the books, she wants to read everything on her bookshelf – even at 2a.m. when she’s suddenly awakened from a deep sleep.

We bought her a lot of toys last weekend, and I opted to buy more balls for her because she loves balls a lot. Daddy said that I really know our baby because she played more with the balls than the other toys.

Both my baby and hubby are musically inclined; in fact, they are gifted in music. When we bought the toy guitar for baby, we also bought a real guitar, as I mentioned earlier. Both the daddy and baby were trying their guitars and they were singing together – much to my envy because I am musically-challenged, instrumentally speaking. I was just contented in getting their video. The next morning, my baby asked me to strum the real guitar, as she strums her toy guitar. She asked me then if we could perform a song. My goodness, it was a horror to refuse her, but, it would be more horrible, if I had tried to play or strum the guitar. I wish…I wish…that someday my fingers would learn the chords.

My baby has been exposed to an environment that fosters creativity, learning, and self-confidence. Her daily activities are varied from doodling in her notebook with her crayons, to playing with building blocks, to reading books with Walter, to playing the guitar, to watching Dora and Barney, to watching Your Baby Can Read videos, to playing with her dolls (although not much), to playing with her balls, to watching Justine Bieber, Charice, Miley Cyrus, Glee cast at Youtube, to dancing, singing, counting numbers, and more…She amazes me everyday.

I am now thinking – if I haven’t been a WAHM, I wouldn’t have witnessed her developmental milestones. I wonder, too, how she may have been in terms of her total development as an infant and toddler.

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