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Posted on : 04-04-2011 | By : dutdot | In : Expat Blogging, Kuwait Events

I’ve been meaning to update my blog for a couple of days now, but, every time I’d open my dashboard, I just couldn’t push through with my thoughts. First and foremost reason, my thoughts are overwhelming me once again because I have been out of tune lately with this blog. I just don’t know where to start. The weather outside, cool, gloomy, sandy is just too way irresistible so let me continue blogging while I’m in the mood. Not that I welcome sandstorms though but I find gloomy weather to be conducive in writing my overwhelming thoughts. At least, I got the first topic to talk about.

A massive sandstorm hit Kuwait last March 25th, supposed to be the birthday party of my two-year old. The day was turned into night, literally. Watch the video below.

Our guests called informing us that they wouldn’t make it because of the bad weather and zero visibility conditions. We’re still lucky to get 9 adult visitors and 3 children that night. We really had a lot of food, and even though I already gave a lot to our visitors, still, there were a lot of leftover. In fact, as of this writing, we still have one bowl of the leftover food. Yay, that long, you may say – 10 days to be exact, and we still have a leftover food. We were expecting some 30 visitors that night. But, well, safety is more important than having them risk to join us in our party.

Yesterday, and until today, it’s sandstorm again in Kuwait. I postponed going to Kuwait City yesterday even though I craved for halo-halo because of the weather. Hubby is now at home (undertime) because he and the rest of his colleagues were urged to go home earlier because of the sandstorm. I hope the sandstorm wouldn’t be as bad as that of the sandstorm 10 days ago.

Though I feel like “writing” for more updates, my fingers suddenly got tired. Ahh, pregnancy blues, or, perhaps, the gloomy weather outside is now taking its toll on my mood swings, or, perhaps, I am too sleepy. I’m craving for Domino’s Pizza, but, not sure if it’s OK to ask the delivery man to go to our house. It’s better to sleep this boredom away.

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