Dear Baby1: 87th natural letter for my baby


T H E  87th L E T T E R

Dear Baby1,

How are you, my baby?

You’re two years old now! WOW. The terrible two’s, they say, but, I’d say, you’re a terrific two-year old. You’re Mommy’s look-alike now. Thank God ahihi. Daddy says that your new haircut looks good on you. It shows that we share almost the same features.

I was trembling when I cut your hair. You kept on moving around here and there. I cut your bangs first, and gotcha, they were crooked, and so short – middle of your forehead. Thank God, you have a beautiful face. No matter how the hair is messed up, it looks good on you.

A few days before you hit your 2nd birthday, I was surprised to hear from you that you understand the Dora episodes you’ve been watching — the way you tell the stories to our family friend-driver. Then, a day after that, I was surprised even more when you started to tell the conversations way ahead from the characters of DTE. Now, at two years old, it has become pronounced. You’re consistent in knowing the conversations and telling them even before we hear them from the TV. You’re so amazing, my baby.

This afternoon, you also surprised us when you asked your nanny to draw your whole body on the paper by tracing you as you lie down on the paper. I asked you not to move and you were very cooperative.

You also tend to mimic our words – a lot – including our accents and dialects. Oh no. We hope to speak more in English at home, just the way you do.

What Mommy would like you to concentrate on (no pressure) is about familiarizing yourself with the alphabet, numbers, and colors. You know the shapes now. Although you know how to sing the alphabet, you just get bored when we teach you about the alphabet. You long have wanted to read (you “read” with your eyes) — pretending though that you’re reading books. Hehe. Anyway, glad that you love to “read”, and you love to be read.

Glad, too, that you’re now eating again. I hope that you’d gain more in terms of height. Let’s concentrate on your height gain in the next few days, months, and years.

You’re still awake at 8p.m. Well, these days, you’re sleeping at 9p.m. or 10p.m. You also tend to sleep late in the afternoon at around 2p.m. or 3p.m. You find it hard to sleep with Mommy so I let your nanny lull you to sleep. With Mommy, you always think of playing or with Mommy’s Iphone, watching youtube, or book-reading so sleeping is secondary to you, unless your eyes become so droopy.

I once tried to go outside last week, I mean, to “work” away from home — at a cafe — so that Mommy could concentrate, and for you to eat well, too (there are times when Mommy’s around, you don’t eat that much). You were crying when Mommy left, and when Mommy arrived after four hours, you were already eagerly waiting for me. After that incident, I didn’t go out to “work” yet. I guess it’s much better to work at home just like what I have been doing because I can concentrate more (because of net connection and no expenses for food outside at the cafe), and I can hear and see you anytime. There are times though that you wouldn’t want to play with your yaya when Mommy’s at work-mode.

This is all for now.



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