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I’m on my 7th month of pregnancy now with my 2nd baby. And, as usual, I’m at the crossroad of finally deciding over the type of hospital to deliver my baby — public or private. The same dilemma that I had on my 1st pregnancy. During my 1st pregnancy, I had 6 OBGYNEs – 5 from private, 1 from public. I braved myself in delivering my baby at the public hospital. The nurse who delivered my baby was awesome! But the recovery period at the ward was ahhh unacceptable. (It’s hard when you’d deliver your baby in a public hospital at night time, and no visitors are no longer allowed)…

When I got pregnant with my 2nd baby, husband and I said that I’d deliver our baby at Al-Salam. During the course of my pregnancy, until now, I only have one OBGYNE. My mind was already then fixed at delivering my baby at Al-Salam. But the more that the weeks are getting shorter, the more that my mind is changing its stance — public versus private.

This morning, I went to Farwaniya Hospital where I delivered my 1st baby in 2009. Since I didn’t know how to speak in Arabic, I waited for some miracle that I could speak with someone who could converse in English or my native language. I strolled around the hospital from department to another department. I was able to talk with a kabayan nurse, and she said that I just needed a referral from my doctor, and there’s no need for me to open a file because I already have one. I went straight to the Maternity Department, and asked the clerk on what to do. She said I should go to Al-Sabah. I really didn’t understand her nor did she understand me. I just sat there waiting for something to dawn on me. I chatted with two kabayans who I thought were pregnant, too, but, later found out that they were there for the SONAR of their myomas.

With little info in hand on what to do with my file at the public hospital, I went home after mulling over my dilemma for two hours. But, I went home only after I roamed around the maternity. I visited the Examination Room, no, just glanced over the door, I mean. I viewed the wards. I tried to relive the memories of my first pregnancy and delivery. I surmised that, with God’s help and grace, I could do it again – at the public hospital.

Prayers, my three Patrons, confidence, and strong will are ingredients to having a successful pregnancy and delivery. My baby and I will be triumphant, I am certain of that. I pray that I will deliver my 2nd baby in the morning or mid-afternoon, and not at night time.

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