Why you should teach your toddler the basic/important words


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My baby’s exactly 25 months today, and, thank God, her vocabulary has increased tremendously. I am happy that, in the past, I was able to teach her the basic words. If not, it could have been difficult for me to know what she’s feeling.

A few days back, she was telling me that her ear hurts. I just didn’t mind it. I thought it was because of her colds. But, after complaining upon waking up, I thought that the hurting of her ear/s (because she was pointing to her two ears) was a big deal. I peeked into her ear. There was something that was blocked at the center – a white thing which I thought could be removed by cotton bud. But, no, husband said the white thing was not hard, but wasn’t soft.I tried to remove it with cotton bud moistened with baby oil. I even thought of removing the white thing with a hair puller. For heaven’s sake, I thank God I wasn’t able to find the hair puller.

I trusted my baby’s doctor, of course, next to God, that the pedia would know what he would do with my baby’s ear. We went to Al-Salam last night. There, we knew that baby had a fever at 38.8 degrees Celsius! God, we didn’t know that she had a fever! The doctor examined my baby’s ear, and he didn’t remove the white thing. We asked him, and he said that it was wax, and need not be removed, but, he gave us ear drop for baby because baby’s ears have an infection! That infection must be the cause of baby’s fever and heavy coughs and colds. Uh-oh.

I thank God that my baby knows the basic/important words to communicate with me. If she didn’t tell me that her ears were hurting, I wouldn’t have any clue about what she’s feeling. I thank God that my baby’s able to comprehend a lot of things at a young age.

It’s important that we teach our babies/toddlers the most important things/words that they need to know, especially, those that concern their bodies, and their feelings.

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