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Last Monday, my husband and I went to Al Sakena Clinic in Farwaniya. I wish I had done it sooner and not later ( 7th month pregnancy). I wish I didn’t go to SIH for my prenatal checkups.

For the first time after so many ultrasounds of my baby, it was my first time to see my baby clearly! Previous ultrasounds were done in SIH and they weren’t clear. We’d pay KD40 for every visit. I’d hear my baby’s heartbeat, yeah, thank God, and the doctor would say everything is normal with the baby and me. On our last visit at SIH last week, we were told to go for another laboratory exam which meant, another KD48. When we paid KD40 for the ultrasound and consultation, and we felt that there was nothing extra special that was done, we thought of going to another private clinic. I thought of Al Sakena.

I immediately searched the Web for its number, but couldn’t find any. Fortunately, I wrote the clinics’ no. (+965 – 247504377) in my mini-notebook when I had my first pregnancy last year. It was also during my 7th month of pregnancy (in my 1st pregnancy) when we visited the clinic, and I felt that my money was, indeed, worth the services that I got from them. There’s this sort of connection, personal touch – same with my previous OB at Al Sakena, and the new OB that I have now from the clinic.

My hubby and I were so elated upon seeing clearly our daughter’s face ! Beautiful nose, beautiful face! And guess what, we only paid KD31 for the consultation, and for the laboratory tests. Since I already have a file with them, I didn’t pay KD5 for opening a new file.

The thing is, it’s not about money. It’s the quality of service that I am getting. I wish I’ve done it sooner to visit Al Sakena just upon knowing that I’m pregnant with my 2nd baby…

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