Dear Baby1: 88th natural letter for my baby


T H E  88th  L E T T E R

May 4, 2011 @ 8:38p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy, my baby! Whoa, I am so happy with your developments. At 25 months, you have matured a lot in your mental development. You can now recognize the alphabet (something which you really didn’t want to learn in your younger years haha), and you can now count by yourself. As usual, you can memorize conversations from Dora, Barney, and from Mommy’s Iphone, and how great you are in recognizing shapes. You love to scribble, too, and your scribbling is just awesome — lines, circles, and more. You also now know the letters that consist your name – 1st name.

You’re so sweet, baby. You keep on saying “I love you” to Mommy and Daddy, without being asked. You also kiss us everyday.

Just the other night, you surprised us when you made your stomach bigger, and you said, you also have a baby there just like Mommy, and you thought Daddy has a baby, too, in his belly because he got a huge tummy! Haha.

Just today, we are having a hearty laugh every time we yawn, or rather, have a fake yawn. It’s always Mommy who ends up having a real yawn, complete with tears in my eyes. hehe.

Tonight, I was so shocked when I saw how you played with your blocks today. Here is the photo:

For several days last week and early this week, you got a slight fever, coughs and colds, and infection on your ear. I hope your infection is now gone. We have to visit your baby doctor this week. Glad you’re OK now.

I thank God for always giving you good health. Glad that your appetite has come back. Eat more, baby, and sleep more. You need to gain weight and height.

This is all for now.



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