Dear Baby2: 10th natural letter for my baby in my womb


T H E  10th L E T T E R

May 4, 2011 @ 8:22p.m.

Dear Baby2,

Howdy, my baby! It’s been a month since Mommy last wrote you a letter. Uh-oh, sorry, my baby, Mommy’s been very busy for the past month.

Anyway, I am so happy to let you know that we saw you for the first time (CLEARLY) in the ultrasound. And my goodness, my baby, you have a very beautiful nose (pwera bati). Daddy and Mommy were so happy to see  you, really. We’ve been paying so much at our previous clinic, and we didn’t see your face clearly during the series of ultrasounds conducted there. Glad that we changed our OB gyne and clinic last Monday.

My baby, we’re now on our 34th week. WOW. How time flies! Over 5 more weeks, baby, and we’ll gonna see each other! Yehey! Daddy, Mommy, and Ate A are all excited to see you. By the way, Mama won’t be able to go here next month, so, instead it will be Auntie N who will be with us for 1 month.

Last Saturday or Sunday, you weighed 1.55kg and the previous OB said that your supposed weight should be 1.9jkg. Mommy’s kinda worried then. After two days, when we went to our new OB, she said that you’re now weighing 1.667kg, close to 1.7kg and it’s good. Thank God that you gained weight in two days. I am sorry if you are starving, are you? But Mommy gained a good amount of 7kg in 3 months so I thought that you, too, are gaining weight. Anyway, I just hope that we’d both be safe next month, and healthy, too.

I need to play more songs for you, baby. I am sorry I’ve been very busy. I promise to attend to your learning for the remaining 5 weeks until you’re delivered. This reminds to me to listen to stories at the story nory, and the mozart songs, and read more stories to you. I am just so happy that you’re active in Mommy’s womb. Glad, too, that your position in Mommy’s womb is correct. Thank you, baby.

This is all for now, baby.



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