Being a work-from-home mom rocks!


Today is Mother’s Day. Although I am here in Kuwait, and mother’s day here is celebrated every March of the year, I also celebrate it but just a bit, not unlike when it’s May, the month of Mother’s Day celebration in my home country. I just realized how lucky and blessed I am to be a mother of my toddler, and an expectant mom of my 2nd baby.

This morning, my two-year old amazed me and her daddy. [We don’t speak pure English at home, unless we talk to our baby. But sometimes, we forgot to speak in English most of the time so our baby would hear our native language, Filipino, and our dialects. Too bad. Glad she isn’t that confused; in fact, she could understand anything that we say. What a sponge-like mind!] At two years old, we can talk to our child like an adult – no baby talk. She’s simply amazing. She could answer us in straight English. There are times though that she lacks the right word to say, but, in the end, we could understand her context.

I was also amazed when she discovered that her bookshelf got new educational materials! We just love to buy her lots of educational stuffs every now and then. She loves to read, write, watch Dora the Explorer, Barney, and some movies! This morning, she asked me to read about Pinocchio, and whenever she has new book/s, she’d ask me to read it/them to her over and over again until she gets tired of hearing. I wonder if she does get tired of hearing stories. She also loves to play with our Iphones, listen to the audio books for children there, study/play with the alphabet apps, and more. Buying the 2 Iphones at higher prices then than today was worth it. Iphone4 (16GB) is currently on sale in City Centre at KD188. I bought my Iphone at KD270 just last March, and my husband’s Iphone at KD329 last December. Ahhhhhhh….But, anyway, the lesson gained by my baby is more important than the opportunity cost of delaying the buying of phone just because of PRICE issues.

What a nice smile she brought to my face when I saw my baby wearing my new sandals I bought last night! If I am not a work-at-home-mom, I wouldn’t discover the simple things that she does on a daily basis.

Such a long introduction about my real topic in this post…tehee. Anyway…

Last night, while trying to fall asleep, my husband and I were talking about the development of our toddler, and how he appreciated me for giving up my corporate stint to be a full-time mommy. If there’s anything in my life that I could say I made the perfect decision — career-wise, it’s in becoming a Work-At-Home-Mom!


Is there any other way of telling that being a WAHM rocks except the way I described my toddler in the introduction? I could cite more and more examples of just how my toddler behaves and thinks, but, this post would be too long. My letters to my 1st baby (in this blog) speaks almost everything that my baby has become over the past two years. SHE’S SIMPLY AMAZING. My hubby would tell me that the credit goes to me. Thank you, daddy, for your appreciation. Thank you for being there and for providing for our family so I could go on a full-time motherhood as I learn the ropes of being a mompreneur.

It’s Mother’s Day, and this is another tribute to myself, and to all working moms out there – from home or elsewhere. We simply rock!

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