Kuwait Amnesty 2011 for foreigners with violations in their residencies


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Regulations of departure for foreigners with violations in the Residency Law:

  1. Kuwait expatriates who have violations on residence regulations are FREE TO LEAVE the country from March 1st to June 30th 2011. Such expatriates are free from any punishment or penalty in accordance with Ameri Decree # 17/79 provided they have no pending criminal charges.
  2. Those who want to have a residence permit and ready to pay the prescribed penalty may not be brought to investigation upon settling their obligations.
  3. Expatriates who will be apprehended by authorities after the elapse of the specific period due to violation of residence permit regulations shall be deported immediately.
  4. Expatriates who will leave the country in accordance with the resolution can be allowed to return to Kuwait.
  5. Expatriates with violations in their residencies and opt not to leave the country within the prescribed period shall not be allowed to obtain residence permit. They will also be deported and not allowed to return to Kuwait.

(adapted from the brochure of the MOI Kuwait)

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