Dear Baby1: 89th letter for my 1st baby


T H E  89th  L E T T E R

May 21, 2011 @5:40p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy, my super-talented two-year old! Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you, our baby!

You’re 25 months old now, and your development from January of this year and onwards has gone a tremendous leap from the time you first used the Iphone to the time you got your own Ipad! WOW.

You have been surprising us with the way you talk, baby. You can talk in straight English most of the time. There are times though that you still blabber your own baby talk language. Hehe. But, normally, your accent (even in your own language), is in English.

We went swimming last week, and you were so happy! You also met two new playmates, and we were surprised that you weren’t intimated by them. You were acting as if you were the owner of their house. You were very happy playing with their toys – the slide, dolls; the next day, we ended up buying you your slide and car toy from an expat who’s living the country for good.

Last night, you went with us at the nearby mall in our place. Mommy just couldn’t resist to see the tears in your eyes. We bought you a new pair of rubber shoes and also a dress from United Colors of Benetton. Awesome.

Buying you your own Ipad last week is so worth it. We realized that your learning is more of auditory. You’re really great, and talented, baby.

Mommy is so sorry for not being able to read to you for a couple of weeks now. Mommy has been so tired from doing a lot of things.

This is all for now.



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