Kuwait Amnesty 2011: steps in obtaining a travel document for Filipinos at the Philippine Embassy


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I processed my sister’s visit visa at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, and went there for a week and processed the papers for two times, paid two times).This calls for a separate post so you won’t repeat the mistakes I underwent; too bad, they weren’t hardly my mistakes.

Anyway, the best thing that could expedite any form of transaction is when steps are clear; hence, this post.

For those who are availing of the Kuwait Amnesty Program 2011, here are the steps in obtaining travel document at the Philippine Embassy in Jabriya.

Step1: Distribution of Forms.(Mr. Noel Q. Japitana, Guardhouse)

Step2: Screening of Applicants

Step2a: Ms. Catherine Gison

Step2b: Mr. Abdulhalim Langco

Without any proof of identification, go to: Ms. Virginia Vicente or Mr. Nabil Tarosan

Step3: Assembly of Travel Documents (Mr. Edifredo Dabuet)

Step4: Releasing of Travel Documents

Step5: Go to Immigration Department for Stamping of Unified Number.

Step6: Confirmation (Give photocopy of Travel Document with Unified No. stamp to the Embassy and provide flight details)

NOTE from the embassy: Processing/follow-up/claiming of travel documents are strictly personal to the owner. Release to representative shall only be allowed if s/he can present an authorization letter. Please bring photocopy of the proof of identity of the owner and the representative (with signatures and contact nos.).

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