I have so much to blog about…


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…but I could hardly get the time to sit down and start scribbling. But I got a quick, great news — I’m a new mom again!

I will be back to tell you more…


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Dear Baby2: 10th natural letter for my baby


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The 10th L E T T E R

June 1, 2011

Dear Baby2,

My baby!!! It’s been a longish while since I last wrote you a letter! Ohh, so sorry for that. Mommy has been very busy the past few weeks preparing for Aunt N’s visit visa to Kuwait to assist us during the childbirth and baby care. Aunt N is, kin fact, arriving to your would-be home country on Saturday, that is three days from now! This means you’ll be coming into our lives soon!

We just had our checkup last night. And oh, baby, you’re so beautiful, just like Ate. You’re currently at 2.44kg, just normal for your size, genetically speaking. Mom’s OBGyne said you’re ready anytime now. I was still hoping then that you’d be at least 6 pounds.

I pray that we’d both be safe and healthy on the day of delivery. Please make it easy for Mommy, baby.

We’re so excited to see you a few weeks from now, baby. We’ll be preparing the things that we have to bring to the hospital.

I spent thie past few weeks in walking and going to short travels around the city so that it would be easy for you to come out. Right now, Mommy’s here at the mall; I walked alone from home to meet with Daddy. It was a good exercise for me. I hope to walk everyday. Oh,sorry, baby, if there are times I just lie down on bed and sleep.

This is all for now.



Blogging via iPad


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This is just a quick update. I’m at Marriots, enjoying its free WIFI. I’m using my baby’s iPad. Funny thing is, I feel like I’m using a typewriter. It’s kinda hard to type without a physical keyboard.