Dear Baby1: 90th letter for my 1st born


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T H E   9oth  L E T T E R

Nov. 16, 2011 @ 12:34p.m.

Dear Baby1,

It was ages since I last wrote you a letter. Sorry for that, my baby! And so sorry, too, because I am sick! You and your little sissy must stay with your nanny until Mommy’s safe. I really don’t want you both to get sick. I am terrified at the thought of you and bb K are sick. I could not forget the many times that we had been frequently visiting Al Salam Hospital. Oh no.

How are you now, baby? Mommy’s so surprised at your rapid verbal development at 2 years and 8 months. My goodness, you talk a lot in a slang way! Haha. Even our surname, you pronounce it the western way, and not the Filipino way! LOL. Now, Mommy’s beginning to adopt the pronunciation of our last name. Haha.

You’re such a fast learner, my baby. You love Dora a lot! Haha. Now, your little sissy, bb K, is into Dora, too!

The other night, you surprised Mommy and Daddy with a lot of new sentences and new words! Where did you get those? And, yeah, Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you because you are grammatically correct! You really can beat those grade six pupils and some highschool students in talking in English. No kidding.

I am glad that you are a native English speaker even when no one at home speaks English all the time. When you don’t understand us because we talk in Filipino or in our dialect, you’d call our attention by mimicking us (blah blah blah). LOL.

Your height and weight aren’t that much good for your age. It must be because in the past you haven’t been a good drinker of your milk, and also not a good eater of solids! And yeah, you were brought to the hospital every now and then! Oh my God. Please, baby, please eat well. Recently, you suffered from urinary tract infection. Oh my gosh! UTI in toddler! I just couldn’t believe that you got it. On Nov. 19, you’ll be having a urine test and urine culture. I hope that the infection is no longer there. Thank God for green barley, it helped you pee just after drinking it the night that we rushed you to the ER. That night, too, you were so talkative. You talked, sang from 12midnight to 7a.m.! Oh my goodness. I was somehow amused but pissed at the same time hahaha because Mommy got no sleep for a few days then. You just didn’t want mommy to sleep. The nurses were also amused at you.

Anyway. I am praying for your good health, and that of bb K. I wish you both good health especially during this winter time.

For two nights now, you and bb K aren’t sleeping with daddy and mommy. It’s because daddy and mommy are sick. It’s better that way. It’s good that you and bb K are spared from this flu bug!

This month, we started our lesson on how to read. Oh my goodness! You’re such a fast learner, my baby! You did surprise me when one time, you read in advance (we weren’t on that lesson yet) haha and there you were reading the word “am”. To some kids, they do read in advance at an early age. But I don’t care. It’s just lately that you want to be taught. Haha. So you see, baby, you want to teach yourself. Glad for the times that you listen to Mommy! In three months, before you hit your 3rd birthday, I am pretty sure that you’ll be reading like a pro. Your mind is like a sponge! PB.

Did you know that you’re such a darling? Thank you so much for being sweet!!! I do miss you a lot, baby. I miss the countless times you say “I love you”, “I love you, too”, “how are you?”, “I’m fine”, and more everyday. I miss how you say “hug, hug”, “kiss, kiss” every time mommy and daddy go out of the house. I am amused at how you say, “aaaahhh” when you are disappointed. You have a high emotional quotient, baby. I am proud of you, and bb K. You’re both smart, witty, beautiful, and loving! What more can I ask for?

Please pray for mommy’s speedy recovery from this pre-winter flu bug. I want to hug and kiss you and your little sissy. I miss you both so much.

Please take care.

This is all for now. I hope to write you more letters soon.



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