Dear Baby2: 1st natural letter for my 2nd baby after childbirth


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T H E  1st L E T T E R

Nov. 16, 2011

Dear Baby2,

Oh my goodness! How time flies! I gave birth to you in June 2011 but whoa, Mommy hardly had the time then to update this blog or write you a letter! I am really, really sorry my dear baby!

Mommy’s sick right now. Too bad to start this very 1st natural letter for you after childbirth. I really didn’t mean it this way, my baby. It’s just that since Mommy’s sick, I have the ample time to update this blog.

I need to say how sorry Mommy is for not really having much time to be with you. Mommy has been very busy. For the first two months, it was just Mommy (thanks to Aunt N for the 5 weeks that she spent with us here in Kuwait) who took care of you. It was sleepless nights but I loved those moments with you. When you were on your 3rd month and 4th month, it was mostly your nanny who took care of you and even until this month. Why? Because your big sissy, Ate A, was sick during those months from August to October! It was really hard, my baby2, when one of you is sick, or especially when both of you are sick!

My heart bled when at 3 months you were hospitalized! Mommy couldn’t bear it when an IV was inserted on your hand! Jesus Christ. You were the youngest then at Al Salam Hosp. who was admitted because your fever was running at over 39 degrees Celsius. You were infected by Ate’s flu bug. Thank Heavens because you’re such a good fighter. Thanks to green barley, too. Recently, when you have colds, green barley helps you a lot. It easily dries up your colds in just 5 minutes! Amazing, indeed.

You just turned five months! Oh my gosh! It took me five months to write you a letter! Anyway, I already told you about the reasons, my baby. Let me make it up with you. Mommy will recall everything about your development milestones for the first five months.

1st month developmental milestone:

You said your first word “hi” at 1 month and 1 week.

The next day after saying “hi”, you said “hello”.

2nd month developmental milestone:

You said “OK” on your 2nd month.

You said, “yes”.

You mimicked Ate when you heard her say “F”

3rd month developmental milestone:

You said “yehh” over the phone when I called you at home. I told you to behave well because Ate was at the hospital.

At 3 months, Mommy can converse with you over the phone!

4th month developmental milestone:

You said “B” when you heard it from

You sang yourself to sleep!

You said the word “daddy”.

You said the word “ate”.

5th month developmental milestone:

You said the word “eat”.

You said the word “hungry”.

You said the word “how?” when your nanny asked you if you wanted to sit down.

You said the word “help”.

My goodness! You’re such a bright baby, my bunso!

Glad that I wrote down these milestones in your FB account. I was able to trace all of your developments during your first five months.

By next month, you will be christened, baby. It took so long because of the sickness (flu/viral infection) that plagued you and Ate during the past three months. I am pretty sure that this winter time, both of you will be protected.

Looking back over the time I delivered you normally five months ago, we were both brave, baby! Oh, I still remember how you looked like then! Your eyes were so small hihi like Daddy’s. But now, they are beginning to look like mine. You’re such a darling, baby. You love to play with Ate. You giggle a lot when you play with her.

You love Dora the Explorer, too. You laugh when you see Boots the Monkey wiggle his tail.

You love books.

You love to sing!

You smile a lot.

But you cry a lot, too.


This is all for now, my bunso. I will write you more soon.

I love you,


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